Jeff Jozefski

Jeff Jozefski

About the course

The Lectures on the Engineering Project Management course put students in direct contact with experienced practitioners. The practical reflections of the faculty members as well as ample guest speakers place project management fundamentals into a professional context.

The dissertation requirement is another valuable aspect of the course. The focus and depth of research required to deliver the dissertation enables students to become experts in their chosen subject matter and leverage that newfound technical knowledge during their job search.

My career so far

After Boston College I first worked for an apartment developer in Rochester, New York. It soon became obvious that a rigorous education in project management would enable me to add value to complex capital projects throughout my career. Just before graduating from the University of Leeds I was offered a job with a well-known commercial property developer in Rhode Island. My Leeds degree was useful as I became involved in risk management, procurement and asset management. I recently moved to KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory practice which provides project management and risk management services to clients in the course of delivering large construction projects.

My current role is to serve KPMG’s clients with our internal project audit services (cost and compliance reviews) and through our proactive, value-added services including project risk assessments, construction program evaluations and the assessment, development and implementation of project controls.

How my degree and experience at Leeds helped me secure the job

Project management fundamentals are required knowledge for my job. The dissertation I completed at Leeds made a difference during recruiting by demonstrating advanced technical skills. 

My advice to prospective students

The University has an incredible array of resources for graduate study and the program structure provides students the flexibility to manage their own research. Choose your dissertation form & substance wisely and seek other opportunities to develop technical, academic and leadership skills that can be leveraged later. Read the core texts prior to class and be prepared to ask lots of questions to guide your research. Look for other opportunities to work with your classmates and professors – perhaps by assisting with faculty research, entering a group academic competition or auditing additional courses. And have fun!