Advanced Concrete Technology MSc (Eng) / PGDip

This is a part-time, online distance learning course in which the first four modules are compulsory for the Advanced Concrete Technology PG Diploma (120 credits) and all five modules are compulsory for the Advanced Concrete Technology MSc (Eng) (180 credits). The following modules are available in 2022/23 for Advanced Concrete Technology PG Diploma and Advanced Concrete Technology MSc (Eng) and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total.

Compulsory modules

Constituent Materials of Concrete - 30 credits
This module provides students with an in-depth understanding of the constituent materials of structural concrete, including: material types and production; physical and chemical characteristics; coverage in codes and standards; impact on fresh and hardened concrete properties; and issues surrounding the environmental and sustainability performance of cement and concrete.

Cement and Concrete Properties - 30 credits
Progressing from looking at the constituent materials within modern concrete, the course then progresses to look at the composite material; concrete. This module covers concrete’s early-age and long-term performance, including issues such as its ability to be placed and compacted, properties and performance characteristics, structural movements, strength development, fire resistance and durability performance.

Testing, Quality Assurance, Repair and Maintenance of Concrete Structures - 30 credits
In this module, students will examine the quality concepts and quality control of concretes. They will also look at test methods used both in laboratories and on-site for measuring physical and chemical properties of concrete in fresh and hardened states. The module also gives an in-depth knowledge of different repair and maintenance methods that can be used to ensure durable concrete structures.

Concrete Production, Processes, Applications and Construction Practice - 30 credits
The aim of this module is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the key construction methodologies associated with concrete buildings and infrastructure, and the range of types of concretes that can be used for different applications.

Independent research project - 60 credits 
The individual research project module provides students with an opportunity to carry out independent research on a contemporary topic relevant to the construction industry. Applying the knowledge developed during the taught modules to their own practical experience, students will conduct novel research into modern concrete performance. Students will identify gaps in existing knowledge, and learn how to turn that gap in knowledge into a research project. They will then be able to develop their critical analysis and communication skills, presenting the outcome of their research in a comprehensive technical report.

The full list of module information can be read in the course catalogue.
Advanced Concrete Technology PG Diploma
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