Dr Visuvanathar (Sri) Sridharan

Dr Visuvanathar (Sri) Sridharan


BSc (Hons) Peradeniya University Srilanka (1978)

Assistant Lecturer: University of Jaffna Srilanka (1978-1980)

PhD Queens University of Belfast (1980-1984)

Lecturer: University of Jaffna Srilanka (1984)

Post Doctoral Fellow: Queens University of Belfast (1985-1989)

Research Officer/Senior Research Officer/Principal Research Officer (1989 -todate)

Research interests

Our research is focused on diversity oriented synthesis using novel cascade reactions that involve both cycloaddition and transition metal catalysed processes. The cycloaddition processes involve simple starting materials (imines, oximes, hydrazones etc) and allow the rapid assembly of complex heterocycles in regio-, stereo- and chemo-selective thermal or metal catalysed processes. A wide variety of bimetallic Pd/Ag, Pd/In, Pd/Rh, Pd/Ir and Pd/Ru catalysed multicomponent processes are under development. The new chemistry is being applied to biochemical, medicinal and agrochemical problems.

Student education

Teaching in the MSc programme, staff demonstrator for undergraduate practical classes.

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