Dr Gavin Reid

Research interests

Our recent work has concentrated on electron transfer reactions in DNA. Owing to the unique properties of DNA i.e. recognition, stability, optical characteristics and adapatability, it is set to become perhaps the most important molecule in molecular electronics. For this reason it is useful to know whether DNA can be used as a 'molecular wire' joining parts of nano-scale electrical circuits together. Our work uses short (femtosecond) pulses of laser light to initiate these electron transfer reactions.Development of femtosecond laser instrumentation for uv, visible & infra-red applications is always on-going. This work is funded by JIF, SRIF and the Royal Society.

Other work involves femtosecond and nanosecond infrared spectroscopies ofproteins (funded by EPSRC) and DNAs (with Julie Fisher funded by SRIF).

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Research groups and institutes

  • Computational Chemistry and Chemical Physics