Graham Boustead


I started my PhD in October 2015, funded through the Leeds/York NERC DTP. I am part of Dwayne Heard’s atmospheric chemistry group. The aim of my project is to develop an instrument to measure atmospheric nitrous acid which can then be linked to an aerosol flow tube in order to determine whether reactions on aerosol surfaces are a possible source of nitrous acid (HONO). I am also running models using the MCM to understand how the various suggested HONO sources will close the gap between modeled and measured HONO concentrations in Beijing during the AIRPRO campaign in the summer of 2017.

During my project I took part in the ACA (Atmospheric Chemsitry of Amines) campaign in 2016, that was focused on understanding the oxidation chemsitry of amines that may be released into the atosphere from carbon capture plants. My part involved assiting with running the Leeds aircraft FAGE that was connected to the chamber to measure OH and the analysis of the Leeds data.

Before starting my PhD I completed an integrated Masters degree in chemistry at the University of Leeds


  • MCHEM Chemistry, University of Leeds