Ziyu Bai
MSc Chemical Biology and Drug Design

Ziyu Bai

Why did you decide to study for an MSc in Chemical Biology and Drug Design?

I was always fascinated by chemistry in my previous studies. However, I chose to study Chemical Engineering for my Bachelor’s degree after considering the flexibility of jobs in that sector. In my last year of undergraduate study, I took part in a project researching pharmaceutical cocrystals. This experience inspired me to switch to studying Chemical Biology and continue exploring a multidisciplinary, chemistry and biology related field.  

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds is highly ranked for its research impact and quality. I originally applied to study Chemical Engineering at the University and received an offer after the interview. Nevertheless, when I decided I would prefer to study in the area of chemistry, knowing that the School of Chemistry’s research is of high quality, I thought it would be helpful to study a taught course in chemical biology because I don’t have a biological background. 

What are you enjoying most about your course?

The design of the curriculum enables us to choose modules based on our preferences. Also, the course allows you to develop many different skills, including presentation skills, laboratory skills and so on. Honestly, the interdisciplinary modules were challenging for me at the beginning. However, it is truly exhilarating to see how I have progressed in my studies and in confidence. 

How have you found the quality of the teaching?

The lectures are given in a step-by-step way. I haven't found any difficulties in understanding the lecturers and they try to make everything comprehensible to every student. The lecturers and professors are dedicated to education and they reply to emails in a prompt way. 

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

I like the York area for its history and the brilliant landscape. The Leeds campus is located within walking distance of the city centre. There are also groceries from different countries that can be found in the supermarkets. Life is convenient here. 

What would you say to students considering this course?

This is a course that will really develop my skills in an all-around way. Excellent faculty, cutting-edge research, definitely the best learning experience I ever had.