Dr Claudio Avila

Dr Claudio Avila


Academic Background

Dr Avila is a Chemical and Process Engineer graduated from the University of Concepcion (Chile). He started his career developing quantitative industrial test to identify materials prone to suffer spontaneous combustion (self-oxidation) using thermal and optical methods (at Nottingham University, in partnership with E-ON). After this, he worked for BP developing novel ultrasound technologies for on-line monitoring and quantitative analysis of industrial process streams, from the initial development up to the scale-up of the technology with several applications across BP (petrochemicals, oils, biofuels, and refining). Currently, he works in the development of novel analytical methods using a range of near infrared and particle sensors (to determine composition, particle size and local bulk properties), and its integration into an automated control platform for data acquisition, data processing and process monitoring, for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Current research activities

EU ProPAT H2020 project: developing and evaluating the use of a range of novel near infrared (NIR) sensors for on-line process monitoring.

Research interests

  • Ultrasound imaging: Non-destructive testing (NDT), phased array ultrasound testing (PAUT), ultrasonic processing techniques (FMC, TFM), and single sensor methods applied to on-line process analysis and process control.
  • NIR and spectroscopic methods: sensor development, chemometric modelling, and signal processing to retrieve quantitative data for on-line process analysis and process control.
  • Material characterisation: Image Analysis (SEM, TEM & optical microscopy), Thermal Analysis (TGA, DTA, & DSC), and Spectroscopic Analysis (UV-VIS-NIR, FT-IR).
  • Reactor and process design: using rapid prototyping (3D printing technologies).

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Process Research and Development