Dr Steven Milne

Dr Steven Milne


PhD Solid State Chemistry

BSc Chemistry

Research interests

Functional Ceramics.    

Processing and Chacterisation of High Temperture Dielectrics and Lead-free Piezoelectrics

Powders for CO2 Capture       

Improving the performance and durability of powders for CO2 capture at high temperture s as appropriate for steam reforming of biomass (with Dr V Dupont)

Synthesis of Nanparticles
Chemical solution techniques ( hydrothermal, precipitation, sol-gel): technique development; particle synthesis for input to EU nanotoxicity projects (ENNSATOX, MARINA, HISENTS)


  • PhD
  • BSc

Professional memberships

  • Member American Ceramic Society

Student education

Contribute: Materials (for MEng Chem Eng programme), Biomaterials, Nanomaterials.

Research groups and institutes

  • Functional Materials
  • Sustainable Low Carbon Futures