Dr. Dipankar Saha


 PostDoc          Center for Material Science and Technology, University of Oslo   2018- 2021

PostDoc          Center for Hybrid Nanostructures, University of Hamburg            2017-2018

PostDoc          Dept. of Chemistry, Aarhus University                                           2013 -  2017

PhD                  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore                                          2007 -2012

M.Sc                 IIT Guwahati, Guwahati                                                                2005-2007  

BSc                  St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta                                 2002-2005   

Research interests

Current Project : (Research advisor: Prof. Sven L.M. Schroeder, Collaborators: University of Leeds, CMAC)

Investigating the Nucleation of organic solids from solvent by modelling X-ray Pair distribution function with Empirical Potential Structure Refinement (EPSR)

Postdoctoral Research at University of Oslo, Norway: (Research advisor: Prof. Helmer Fjellvåg)

  • Investigation of the origin of Magnetocaloric effect and nature of phase transition in Mn-Ni-As-P system by X-ray and Neutron total scattering and pair distribution function, X-absorption spectroscopy and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism(XMCD) across the magneto structural phase transition.

Postdoctoral Research at Hamburg University, Germany: (Research advisor: Prof. Dorota Koziej)

  • In situ Total scattering and Operando XANES (X-ray absorption near-edge structure) study of electrochromic thin Films (Smart windows).

Postdoctoral Research at Aarhus University, Denmark: (Research advisor: Prof. Bo B. Iversen)

  • In situ X-ray Total Scattering method.

  • Development of methodology to study the nanoparticle formation under hydrothermal conditions using in situ powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) and pair distribution function (PDF).

  • Understanding the complex reaction mechanism of oxide formation from precursor solution under supercritical and subcritical conditions.

  • Structure-property correlation in crystallographically challenged material through PDF. 

Doctoral Research at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Research advisor Prof. T. N. Guru Row and Prof. Giridhar Madras) Dissertation title “Towards the Design of Functional Materials: Evaluation based on Crystal Structure, Photocatalysis and Conductivity Measurements"

  • Synthesis of functional materials for photocatalysis and ionic conductivity and their characterization through single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction and other corroborative techniques.

  • Varieties of perovskite, pyrochlore, scheelite and palmierite series of compounds were investigated.

  • Explored hydrated mineral as a possible source for making functional materials upon dehydration during single crystal to single crystal transition process of making functional materials from minerals.

Master degree Research: Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati (Research advisor Dr. V Manivannan)

  • Syntheses, spectra and structures of CrLX3: {L = 4¢-(2-Pyridyl)-2,2¢:6¢,2¢¢-terpyridine; X = Clˉ, N3ˉ, NCSˉ}

Summer Project: Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati (Research advisor Prof. Gopal Das)

Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of new azo-dyes and azo-metal complexes derived from imidazole and substituted aniline.

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Professional memberships

  • International Union of Crystallography
  • Indian Crystallographic Association