Alex Lockwood

Alex Lockwood


I am a postgraduate researcher working towards my PhD in the School of Chemical and Processing Engineering as part of the Next Generation Nuclear Centre for Doctoral Training. I am currently working with the Sludge Centre of Expertise at Sellafield Ltd. on Radwaste decommissioning projects. My primary focus has been utilising commercial and novel polymers to flocculate Mg(OH)2 suspensions (radwaste analogues) to improve sedimentation behaviour. Additionally, I have also investigated flotation as a possible low residence time alternative to thickening, using anionic surfactants and amphiphilic block copolymers to flocculate and hydrophobize Mg(OH)2 suspensions. I previously undertook my bachelors of engineering (BEng) degree at the University of Leeds in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering with a 12 month industrial placement at Sellafield Ltd. and summer placement with Jacobs. 


Lockwood, A, P, G. Peakall, J. Warren, N, J. Randall, G. Barnes, M, G. Harbottle, D. Hunter, T, N. Structure and sedimentation characterization of sheared Mg(OH)2 suspensions flocculated with anionic polymers. Journal of Chemical Engineering Science. 8 November 2020.

Lockwood, A, P, G. Wadsley, G. Warren, N, J. Peakall, J. Randall, G. Barnes, M, G. Harbottle, D. Hunter, T, N. Amphiphilic copolymer flocculation and hydrophobization of legacy waste suspensions in flotation driven dewatering operations. Waste Management Symposium 2020, 8-12 March 2020, Phoenix Arizona USA.

 Lockwood, A P G. Kok Shun, P. Peakall, J. Warren, N, J. Randall, G. Barnes, M, G. Harbottle, D. Hunter, T, N. Dissolved air flotation for rapid dewatering and separation of legacy sludge wastes. Waste Management Symposium 2019, 3-7 March 2019, Phoenix Arizona, USA.


The Impact of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers on Combined Flocculation-Flotation Driven Dewatering of Legacy Nuclear Fuel Pond Sludges. Sydney Surfaces and Soft Stuff meeting 2020. Oral presentation video conference. 11 June 2020. [online].

Amphiphilic Copolymer Flocculation and Hydrophobization of Legacy Waste Suspensions in Flotation Driven Dewatering Operations. Oral Presentation, Waste Management Symposium 2020, 8-12 March 2020, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

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Challenges to Nuclear Energy as Part of Britain's Carbon Reduction Strategy. Oral Presentation, Harnessing the Earth: Pint of Science, 11-13 May 2019, Glasgow, UK.

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Research interests

Chemcial and Nuclear Engineering 

Colloid and polymer science

Nuclear waste managment 

Water treatment

Sludges and slurries

Multiphase processes



Static light scattering




  • BEng. Chemical and Nuclear Engineering (Ind.)