Mohammed Adamu


I hold the following degrees and research interest:


Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, Materials Science and Engineering.

Research topic: “Evaluation of the Corrosion rates of Different Metallic Materials using the Finite Element Method and C++” A numerical model for reference purpose was developed and still applicable to date.


Master of Science (MSc) degree in Materials Engineering.

Research topic: “Effect of Different Inhibitors on the Rebar Corrosion of a Medium Carbon Steel in Seawater and Cassava Fluid”


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Chemical and Process Engineering.

Research topic: “Development of Solid Electrolyte and Reference Materials for Designing Sensor for Measuring Magnesium in Non-Ferrous Alloys


Research interests

I have completed a progressive research on the synthesis of multicomponent nanostructured ceramic oxide solid-state electrolytes for the development of electrochemical sensors using sol-gel method incorporating the biphasic powder mixture of magnesium chromate-chromite reference electrode for sensing magnesium composition in non-ferrous alloys, with direct application in the refining, recycling, casting, alloying and process industries. The research was achieved using extensive materials characterisation techniques such as; DSC-TGA, HT-XRD, XRF, Powder XRD, FTIR, Laser-Raman Scattering, SEM, TEM, EDS, Neutron diffraction, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and, electrochemical and microsctructural characterisation of sintered pellets of the synthesised materials and its corresponding solid-state solutions. The initial products of this research are high ionic conducting solid-state electrolytes and reference materials characterised completely for the design and fabrication of high-temperature electrochemical sensors.

My other research interests are in corrosion measurements using the popular gravimetric analysis (weight loss) and polarisation methods. Coating, alloying and appropriate materials selection are some corrosion protection and control techniques that are of interest to me. I have also used both organic and inorganic inhibitors to mitigate corrosion rates in seawater and cassava fluid environment. In recent time however, l have delved into research in batteries, Mg-batteries in particular and am open to probe into other areas of interest towards ensuring a better society and a safe world.



  • PhD Chemical and Process Engineering. University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom.

Research groups and institutes

  • Functional Materials