Tom Milligan

Tom Milligan

What was the name of the company you worked for and what do they do?

NATS is the UK's leading provider of air traffic control services. NATS prides itself on safely and efficiently handling 2.2 million aircraft every year in some of the most complex airspace in the world. With safety at the heart of everything they do in the aviation industry, NATS employs a team of 60 experienced members to give oversite to the company’s safety strategies and provide our Air Traffic Controllers with the required support to keep the skies above Britain safe.

What was your role within the company?

During my placement year at NATS, I worked for the Safety Performance and Improvement team within the Directorate of Safety based at the company’s Corporate and Technical Centre.

Can you please give me an insight into a typical day?

My primary task within the department was to assemble our monthly and quarterly dashboards for unit General Managers, workstream leads, the Executive and Board of Directors. The majority of my time however was spent responding to ad-hoc requests from various areas of the business. These requests varied from in-depth incident causal factor analysis to high-level representation of safety performance at units across the company.