Daniel Stratham

Daniel Statham

Why did you choose to study Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies?

I decided to study Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies because of its reputation amongst aviation employers and I had received good feedback from alumni. I want to be a pilot and wanted to become more independent so decided to study this course at Leeds.

What's the best aspect of the course?

The opportunity to obtain my Private Pilot Licence and ATPL exams and to do my commercial pilot training alongside. I have gained my PPL. Also, I've been a course rep where I represented the views of my course colleagues, and was the Treasurer for Henry Price Halls of Residence. I'm currently the Aviation Society President. I like seeing others enjoying themselves and getting involved.

What activities are you involved in outside of your studies?

I have a part time job as a telephone fundraiser for the Footsteps Fund. We raise money from alumni to provide scholarships for students at the university. As previously mentioned, I am the AvSoc president. I hope to organise lots of socials and career-related talks and visits. Leeds has excellent employment opportunities, a really good night life and shopping facilities.

Have you undertaken any work experience?

I did my work experience at Barton Aerodrome, Wolverhampton Airport and East Midlands Airport (organised separately, but I'm sure the reputation of the university helped me get these placements). 

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to become a commercial airline pilot and believe that my degree at Leeds has given me the opportunity to do just that! I have been able to meet alumni who are pilots who have offered their advice. My course has introduced flight training and subsidised costs which has really helped by allowing me to undertake flight training alongside my degree, as opposed to leaving it until graduating.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

If you want to work in the aviation industry, this is a brilliant degree to have. As well as the academic side, there are plenty of job and extra-curricular opportunities at this university including positions of responsibility and attending clubs and societies for fun and extra skills.