Chemical Process Engineering MSc

The following modules are available in 2022/23 for the Chemical Process Engineering MSc and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total.

Compulsory modules

Research and Innovation Project - 40 credits
You will undertake a research project during the summer months.
This module covers essential aspects of chemical process plant design based on sound understanding of the chemical engineering principles and basic concepts surrounding the chemical process industry, design and manufacturing.
Separation Process Technologies - 20 credits 
This module will consist of an overview of separation processes and distillation. Topics covered include mechanism of absorption and desorption and design of absorption columns for low concentration gases - definition of height and number of transfer units.
Chemical Process Technology - 15 credits
Understanding of the basic concepts surrounding the chemical process industry (including pharmaceutical and fine chemical processes), design and manufacturing.
Chemical Reaction Processes - 20 credits
Provides a comprehensive introduction to types of reactions and reactors, together with rate analysis and principles of design of ideal reactors.
Batch Process Engineering - 15 credits
Provides an understanding of the distinctive features of batch processes, the concepts and methods for scheduling and simulation batch operations, skills for selection of batch route, solvents and equipment, and the design of control systems and the future directions in batch manufacturing techniques.    
Fundamentals of chemical engineering, including chemical process calculations, chemical thermodynamics, momentum and heat transfer;- Use of HYSYS software for process calculations and modelling.