Architecture Showcase 2021

Design studio 3.2

Year three Architecture MEng, BEng

This project is based in the Holbeck Urban Village, once the birthplace of heavy Engineering and now a growing centre for creative and tech industries. Students investigate the possibilities of a given site and offices as a building type, before proposing responses to an outline brief.

Lauren Fassom

Lauren F Arch 2021 final


Thomas Owen

Thomas o Arch 2021 final


Chloe Hemery

Chloe h Arch 2021 final


Robert Mill

Robert m Arch 2021 final


Vinesh Ravindran

Vinesh r Arch 2021 final


Shaaziah Kolabhai

Shaaziah k Arch 2021 final


Tony Tran

Tony t Arxh 2021 final


Gavin Trevena

Gavin t Arch 2021 final