Architecture Showcase 2020

Design Studio 3.1

Architecure MEng, BEng Year Three

Design Studio 3.1

Studio 3.1 includes a study trip to Naples and is jointly taught with academics at the School of Architecture there. The design project involves an urban study of a Naples locality and a residential building scheme.

Holly Townsend

References to heroic era modernist projects are recontextualised to create an unexpectedly intimate and sensitive intervention to the dense urban realm.

Holly project work architecture 3

Lucy Staley

This high-density scheme uses a simple plan layout and section, with carefully considered composition of elevations to produce a sophisticated and elegant scheme.

Lucy project work architecture 3

Nuala Durkin

This scheme breaks up the traditional block structure of the city, placing similar elements in series to create a new sequence of open public and private spaces, increasing daylight but maintaining shade.

Nuala project work arch 3

Calum Montgomery

Interlocking geometries and level changes are used to tie new and old spaces together.

Luke project work architecture

Cian Garry

This design uses a process of subtraction from an initial form to provide a highly modelled end point. Hints of the inner court are given to the outside. 

Cian project work architecture