Architecture Showcase 2020

Design Studio 2

Year Two Architecture MEng, BEng

This year involved the design of a local Market Hall in the Leeds suburb of Headingley. Working from an initial outline brief, students work to create their own unique response to the site and building type.

Gavin Trevena

A simple initial plan and form has been developed, using the roof section. A variety of lighting effects helps to define spaces beneath.

Gavin project work

Chloe Hemery

This design integrates structure and form to add interest and definition. 

Chloe project work

Emily Flynn

Using an assemblage of disparate forms, this scheme provides a variety of distinct functions within the overall market definition.

Emily project work

Alex Tilley

This scheme takes an unusual approach, with semi-circular volumes separated from each other and facing the adjacent site – implying its use as part of a wider open space.

Alex project work